Saturday, 24 September 2011

24th September 2011

Another weekend at home where we all try to relax. However the dog decided to make his escape Friday evening whilst Pauline and I were moving vehicles. He wasn’t wearing his collar due to just having flea drops put on his neck. We searched all his favourite places with no luck. We even left the gate ajar for him all night. Further searches next morning also unsuccessful. We now have to decide what to do when we leave Sunday evening. Notes with the neighbours seems to be all we can do. Steven is upset, but he does have other things more important on his mind, as do we. We’ll keep looking. Whilst at home, Steven admitted that he was really scared (I can’t use the words he really used!!). He was scared of the accident because he keeps thinking about it. He’s scared of the upcoming operation because he doesn’t know the outcome. He’s also scared as to what his future will be. We believe that these are the feelings that are affecting his mind, and this is why he is sometimes abrupt and rude. We have many times tried to reassure him, and to make positives out of negatives, but we do so, knowing that it isn’t us, and we’re not feeling the pain and discomfort. He is frustrated at the length of time it’s taking to put him right, but he also understands that it’s been longer for us, since he was in a coma for such a long time. He hasn’t been given a date for the operation, and he now awaits permissions for his arm operation. He cannot yet leave the hospital as an out-patient despite our pleadings that we all think it be in his best interests. We feel that Steven will need an English language speech therapist, his Spanish is fine, but his English is more of a mumble and is often difficult to understand. His computer skills are fine, as are his music mixing skills, though a little too loud for us!! His conversation level is brilliant, and he can organize his daily life and plan ahead. We feel that the hip operation is all that is needed now to really improve his life.
Best regards Terry

Saturday, 17 September 2011

17th September 2011

coming to the end of a week's "holiday" with Steven and Paul. Last Sunday Paul took Steven back to the hospital to give me and Pauline a break, and to celebrate our 42nd wedding anniversary. To our surprise, the doctors then gave Steven permission to return home Wednesday evening, because at the moment there's not a lot more that the hospital can do. Steven can do his exercises at home, as he awaits the date for his hip replacement operation, hopefully soon. When we return on Monday we are going to ask if Steven can be an out-patient until his operation. With us, he eats and sleeps much better, and the hospital gain a room. Whilst at home we've all been out and about, shopping, drinks, meals, all the things we should do, late nights, lie-ins, no routine, no noise, and it's been great, making up for our last "holiday" when I was ill. I even took Steven on our motor scooter, much to his delight. His mobility is improving to the extent that he climbs steps and stairs with little or no help, and at a much greater speed and confidence. He also pushes his own wheelchair, and rests when he wants to. If only the pain could disappear Steven would be almost normal if I can use that word. The changes have been remarkable over the last few weeks. He continues to receive support from his friends, and thanks to Jane, another parcel of goodies.
Best regards Terry

Saturday, 10 September 2011

10th September 2011

Steven has had permission to have the operation, we await the date. He will be having a complete half pelvis, replaced with a ceramic one. Steven is very worried, but he has to trust the doctors. He hopes that what the doctor is saying comes true re' the absence of real pain, and an improved walking state. This will obviously only be known after the operation. We all feel that with the improvement in walking, and the lack of pain, will also produce a feeling of well-being and a return to normality. His elbow will be done later. His left foot is really improving and may not need an op', the ankle straps are really doing their job and his foot movement has improved considerably, time will tell. His walking is becoming more confident, even climbing stairs unaided. His walking is still slow and painful. He's being evaluated, and due to his general improvement is likely to be an out-patient soon. We will stay at Alzira as out-patient for a while (if that's acceptable) then move back home for the same out-patient treatment at a local hospital. Steven's speech therapist is really impressed with his speech, however this speech therapy is in Spanish, and Steven has said he finds speaking English very difficult, so he may have to have further English speech therapy at a later date. Sorry about any greetings cards, I'll make up for this later, it's difficult to go shopping for cards, and even then invariably the address book is in the wrong place. Doing what we're doing is a logistical nightmare with many things being in the wrong place, whether it's 'phone chargers, documents, pills, toiletries, or clothes. At home at the moment, we're beginning to see the signs of neglect, carpets looking scruffy due to lack of proper cleaning, tiles falling off outside walls due to lack of re-grouting, weeds growing through the patio, all due to lack of time and energy to put things right. When we're home for these two days, we prefer it to be Steven's time, away from the noise and routine of hospital, and we certainly don't want to be working and ignoring him, hence the house neglect.
best regards