Friday, 22 May 2015

22nd May 2015

Once again, no real changes, but life goes on. After several sessions of laser hair removal therapy over the last year, on Wednesday 20th May, Steven finally had his “plastic surgery” on his tracheotomy scar. The operation took just over two hours. The following day, the surgeon told us that the surgery was complex. Basically, he had to remove the scar skin from the trachea to which it had attached itself, then he had to make three separate folds of the skin to create strong skin, and then seal it with fine stitches, making a scar about two inches long which should join in naturally with the folds of Steven’s neck. No skin graft was required. The surgeon explained this as he removed the dressings, and the result is indeed remarkable. Steven looked in the mirror and was immediately overwhelmed. He had a totally flat throat for the first time since the accident over 4 years ago. The scar is being protected by a smaller version of the special dressings designed for breast implant surgery, to minimise permanent scarring. After two days in hospital he returned home, and immediately went to see friends, who all noticed the improvement in his manner, and his stance. He was no longer embarrassed for people to see him talking. Steven can talk normally and without interruption with swallowing. He can drink a full drink instead of sipping, and he can eat normally. The tracheotomy scar really did cause him some problems without us realising it. Steven has many issues remaining particularly with his general attitude and lack of body co-ordination, inability to feel the need to eat, body temperature control, and the continuing pain down his left side, but he continues to be positive, and is content with his injuries and the future.

Thursday, 8 January 2015

8th January 2015

Not many changes over the last two months. We have all been on a cruise around the Mediterranean and to the Canary Islands, allowing Steven to “disappear” in an effort to cope by himself on the ship. He did this very well. Continuing the theme of giving him more independence, Steven has bought a motorised quad. With a disability label issued by the local Police, he is now able to get about locally and use disabled parking bays in town. This has boosted his confidence and well-being enormously. He can visit friends, and he can do minor shopping. He can make his own way to his gym and his massage therapy. The difference to his general demeanour has been amazing, and this can only go on to make him act and feel better. Steven has had a third session of laser treatment to remove hairs around his throat. He still hasn’t had any notification for his tracheotomy scar removal. Recently whilst walking, he tripped on a step, badly spraining his left ankle, had to be the left, that’s just what he needed to add to the pain!! But, as normal he repaired very quickly. Although initially angry, blaming his walking abilities, he has accepted that everyone has the occasional mishap, along with dropping things, or forgetting what he went into a room for!! There has been no change to his walking abilities, or the general lack of feeling on the left side of his body. Unable to fully control his body temperature, he is feeling the cold this winter. But he takes all this in his stride rather than sit about doing nothing. He even tried to live with growing a beard, but that faded after two weeks. He does everything he can to lead as normal life as possible, and we’re so pleased with his continued progress.