Wednesday, 29 May 2013

29th May 2013

This is getting to sound like a recording on a loop, but there is little change in Steven’s overall condition. At the risk of repeating myself, it’s a long slow process. There are improvements but so small. Steven’s left arm is getting stronger, he being able to carry a fairly heavy shopping bag. However he can only do this with a bent arm. When his arm is as straight as it can be he has a lot of pain at the elbow joint. He can raise both arms high above his head, and he can scratch his back between his shoulder blades with his left arm. His left leg can now be raised almost normally, and he can bend his knee to his chest. Steven can put his shoes on much easier now because he can move his left toes a little easier. All this is showing his limitations, and then it’s just pain management. The car insurance people seem to think that because Steven can walk easier, everything is coming along fine. They seem to fail to understand the brain injury, which was extensive, and we have to keep reminding them of this. Steven still has major problems with sleeping, then rousing himself in the morning. He cannot multi-task in any shape or form. He cannot control his body temperature. He always feels hungry, but has to force himself to eat, because he doesn’t want to eat. Even he finds it difficult to explain how he feels. We still think the best expression from Steven was when he described that half of his body feels wooden and doesn’t belong to him. He has to think before he speaks to be able to formulate the words, but sometimes he mumbles or has to stop and think again. Yet strangely he seems to be more intelligent in both words used, and ideas. Beginning next week, he starts a new regime of treatment at a “brain” hospital in nearby Elche. He’s already started on a new course of pills to control his depression on the run-up to this new treatment. We all have a lot of confidence that this summer will bring about the big change we all so desperately want. Best regards Terry