Friday, 25 January 2013

25th January 2013

Steven had an operation on his left elbow again. Originally the surgeon was hoping to do keyhole surgery, but having started the operation he found a cyst amongst the tendons. This was no doubt a major "help" towards the pain Steven was experiencing, as well as the excess calcium built up since th last operation. The surgeon therefore had to open up a bigger wound, and actually followed the first scar of the earlier operation. Wasn't a long operation, and Steven was immediately allowed home to recover. Within days he was able to use his left arm with more comfort, with only operation pain to contend with, all other pains were gone and with improved mobility of the joint. Steven has proved to be an excellent healer once again, and the bandages, dressings, and stitches were soon removed. Steven's physiotherapy sessions have been reduced, hoping that Steven will work more from home, which he does, by exercises and simply caring for himself as much as he can. He has started regular massage sessions, which are helping with all the misplaced muscles on his left side. Work continues on his neglected teeth, and the brace is certainly making a difference. The Sativex drug has finished, and although it no doubt helped with the relaxation of muscles, and pain management, Steven didn't enjoy taking the drug. He and we were told that the drug did not have all the properties of marijuana, but Steven said he did feel "spaced out" whilst taking the drug. This wasn't forecast and was just another adverse reaction from a drug. Overall the Sativex did make a difference. Steven continues to feel positive about long term recovery, but, having had a second operation on his arm, his worry now is, will other operations have to be repeated?? His walking, though improved, is causing pains to back and hips, so has returned to using his walking stick, and this has helped. Hopefully this will be a short-term measure. Best regards Terry