Thursday, 27 June 2013

27th June 2013

Steven continues with his new regime of treatment at a specialist “brain” hospital in nearby Elche. We make the 60km round-trip there twice a week for 2 hour sessions. Here they are teaching him to walk correctly. But to do so he has to “tell” each part of his body what to do. For example he has to “tell” his left foot to be flat to the floor and pointing slightly outwards, with his toes spread forward when walking. But to do this he also has to “tell” his knee to lift higher than normal, and at the same time “tell” his hip, leg, and arms what to do. He’s managing to do this, and it seems to be helping but it is very tiring. He is also being given simple mathematics to solve, and also Sudoku and Rummikub, all designed to keep the brain active. He doesn’t seem to be as angry as in the past, he actually beginning to recognise when he is being stressed and tries to control his feelings. But, he seems to be getting more forgetful and has taken to programming his mobile ‘phone for his daily routine. This forgetfulness is probably due to all the extra work he is doing at physio’ sessions, having too much to concentrate on. He and we are determined for him to regain as normal life as possible, and he and we will try anything that may help. Best regards Terry