Wednesday, 5 February 2014

5th February 2014

It’s been a while since an update, but the changes have been minimal. Over the last few months Steven has gained a little more stability in his walking. This was achieved by staff at his clinic making him walk, blindfolded, and carrying his walking stick in both hands out in front of him. The staff would then “knock” the walking stick, similar to being nudged in a crowded street. Steven has then had to regain his balance, not knowing where or when the next “knock” would come. This was frightening to begin with, but helpful. Steven has also been made to hold onto a bar with both hands and then jump with both feet. This was extremely difficult due to co-ordination of both legs, lack of control over his left foot on landing, and the pain, but he did jump about two inches. Though small, this is regarded as a small victory. This and other exercises learned at the physiotherapy clinic are replicated regularly at home. He has had another medicine change in the hope that it will minimise the pain, and he also has pain patches on his left leg and left foot, for about 12hrs overnight. This is helping, but the pain returns gradually over the next 12hrs. Steven’s general attitude is changing in that he now knows when he is stressed and angry, and takes steps to minimise this, or at least immediately apologize when he does/says things wrong. He is beginning to accept that anyone can make mistakes, and it’s not always caused by his brain damage. He does feel that he is returning slowly but surely to “normal”. He has continued with regular massage in the hope of returning muscle fibre to where it should be, and to compensate for the lack of general exercise. On the bureaucratic front, after many examinations by several doctors, including re-examinations by the same doctors, Steven has been given disability status by the Spanish Social Security, and is now in receipt of a small pension. We started this process in January 2011 at the suggestion of Social Security representative at Steven’s hospital, due to Steven’s poor prognosis. We are grateful for this, but cannot understand how and why this has taken so long to achieve, and cannot understand why the claim hasn’t been back-dated up to 3yrs. Every doctor’s report, and there have been many by different experts, shows that Steven will never be able to learn any trade due to the brain damage, and will never be able to work again due to mobility and pain issues. We understand the need for validation, but when it’s done by the same doctors checking their own findings, we find this most strange. Steven has had another brain scan which confirmed that the damage was still there. He has had one of his scan pictures printed and is now on display at home in a frame!! There have been many visits to the local Court in an attempt to gain compensation for his life change, and there will no doubt be many more. The scans, the x-rays, the doctor’s reports are all there to be seen by the taxi insurance company, it is now up to them to make an offer to Steven, although no amount will be sufficient, but we understand the realities of the financial world. As we have proved by badgering the Social Security, we will continue to fight for what we believe is right for Steven. We will not be brow-beaten, we have to ensure Steven’s future. Best regards Terry

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